Friday, December 3, 2010

My old stomping grounds!

The Granger High School Choral room.....

Choral Arts Society of Utah is performing with The West Valley Symphony tomorrow, and they practice in that room, since they have instruments and we just have voices, we went to practice for two day's over there, Tues and Wed's of this week, it was a trip, as it looks pretty much the same, even the piano! I sat in just about the same place I sat in for three years starting 27yrs ago... I even walked down the hall and around the corner to my english/contemp writing classroom, where my english teacher, Mrs. Woodward, told me I am a very "gifted writer"... funny how some things just stay with you, like singing.. all these years later, to return, camera in hand before they tear the place down to build a new one.

Our guest artist is David Osmond, a 2nd generation Osmond, with a voice LIKE BUTTER! It outta be a great show, the most surprising part is "The little drummer boy" piece, man do I HATE that song! and we've been practicing for a few months now for Christmas, each time lamenting how much I HATE THIS SONG... well, something about the orchestra did "something" to my opinion of this little song, and I am now MOST excited to perform this one tomorrow!


  1. That is SO FUNNY - cuz Donny's "Little Drummer Boy" is now one of my very favorite Christmas songs - EVER!!! I've always hated the song... until this version came along :)

  2. I told him that! I started the with "I HATE Little drummer boy".. I think he was a bit taken aback, but he was SO happy with my remarks, I could tell it really made him happy. I sure wish we had a copy of it from that night, it was TERRIFIC.