Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last night.

Doug and I witnessed a HORRIFIC accident last night, right in front of our very eyes a family of six has been devastated. We we're at the corner of New Bingham highway and 7800.S last night when out of the blue, with no skidding tires, no obvious signs that something terrible was about to happen; two cars collided. violently. Doug jumped out of the van and with another man in the truck next to us, ran out to help, which scared me to death to watch Doug running into what has become a major intersection, everyone had stopped but it was not without concern for him that I watched him run to the cars involved. I called 911 and described the scene, and that my husband and another man; who just happened to be an ENT we're there and that I could hear the sirens, I could see that the hatch of the mini van had opened and that something seemed to be coming out of the back but I couldn't make out what.

I asked her if I should try and make my turn or if I should sit still as there had developed quite a line in the turning lane by then, she advised to wait until the police got there and they would direct traffic, I gave her our names and phone number and hung up to watch and wait.

Doug would later; after the kids we're out of ear shot, tell me what he had seen as he approached that accident. He found himself at the very back of the van with a little girl who he would learn was Amy, and she was 7 yrs old, and she was bleeding and naturally upset and scared and wanted out of the car, but her poor legs had been pinned by the seat in front of her, Doug told her it was ok and that someone was coming to help her, he asked her if the girl in front of her was her Mommy and she said no, it was her sister and gave Doug her name. He was calm, and gave her every indication that everyone was going to be ok, and that help was coming and he told her not to wipe at her forehead because of the glass that had cut her, he watched her wipe blood from her head and tried to comfort her. He could see that the front seat passenger, the Mother, was not responding at all, and that from his view point, he didn't think she survived.

The "something" that I saw being passed out of the back of that van was a 1 yr old baby, Doug said those that we're on the driver's side, had gone mostly unhurt, and that the baby was riding behind the Driver, the Father, and that the 11 yr old boy was also on the driver's side, while the 15 yr old daughter, Mother and little Amy, we're all on the passenger side, the impact was smack between the passenger front and second row seats of the van, Amy had gotten very lucky that she was another row back from impact. You do not know the anguish it has caused us both, but specifically my husband, to have seen the people inside that van, to see the damage done to the vehicle, the damage done to the children, and to feel pretty sure that this little 7 yr old girl, whom he was trying to comfort, had in reality, just lost her Mommy.

My husband cried as he described it, as he looked around and can "see" his own family infused on the faces of this Mother, Father, and four children who could have been our own just as easily.

How fragile life is.

We are both saddened and humbled at the privilege; and burden that this situation has presented for us, especially for Doug who feels so honored to have served, even for a brief moment, as an angel to dear, sweet Amy. God bless her, truly.

We know that all we have to offer now is our prayers, which we have carried quietly in our hearts since this happened. We finally we're able to get some more information this evening and it was not what we had prayed for. Amy's Mommy died at the scene of the accident, and her sister in front of her is in VERY critical condition at PCMC. Amy and her Dad, brother and 1 yr old sister we're all released today, into a world that will never be the same, four children now without a Mommy, it has broken our hearts.

I will be fasting tomorrow; on behalf of Amy's sister, praying that this family won't have a second loss to deal with, asking for God's tender mercies to rain heavily on this family, if you've taken the time to read this, please offer a prayer for this family, I do not know their last name, but I know those prayers will reach them.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Latte LOVE.....

Winter on the door...

You've heard "God is in the details"; I believe this whole heartedly, I LOVE the change of season's for I get to change the door, garden and inside decorations and it is something I look forward to and give a lot of thought to.

Going to school in Utah!

         Oh, WHERE is spring?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sundance Film Festival

 (Had to include the "Dolly" bookstore!)

Every year Doug and I say "we should got see what's happenin up there" and then we don't. I was able to participate a few years back in the festival, I got a fantastic Kenneth Cole coat and was able to take bookings for the films being shown; there we're two that made it into release on the big screen, "The Station Agent" and "Whale Rider" both had gotten quite a bit of talk and we're popular in the pre-sale that I was involved with, actually seeing how much sales goes on BEFORE the festival, it's no wonder there are none left for the "little people" when it actually arrives. 

We had dinner at the Pizza and Noodle Co and then out to watch for "stars"; which we saw none, but it was nice atmosphere and and the weather was actually fine, not too cold and NOT freezing.

We lured Hopper into going by telling him he may see Chuck Norris there; he didn't, but you never know, he could have been very close by doing crunches!

We ended the trip with cold drinks and Oreo's for the drive down, We we're fortunate to have Aunti Michele there with us, she was kind enough to drive, and actually make conversation about DEATH METAL with Hopper; poor Aunti Michele!! Too funny.......

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Braided Callie

My neighbor cut Callie's hair Friday, and she did these cute braids for her. I so wish  I knew how to do this myself; I need to have my Niece teach me.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Must have.

IF you have children; LOVE your carpet, HATE  anything mucking up your carpet, OR are just NEUROTIC like me, you must have this new product. I have an upright steam cleaner, and I have had one since we bought this house, that it also a must have with children and carpet that you love, but this is the nicest little invention for all those little "oops" than seem to happen just about everyday, in fact, I've used it TWICE today! Once when Callie came running in; through the front room, up the stairs and into the kitchen with MUDDY BOOTS, and THEN the DOG came running in the same back door; AFTER  I had just vacuumed, cleaned up the footprints and put the vacuum away!!!

It's simple, perfect for stairs and has removed everything that I've used it on; mud, doggie accidents, and scuffs from two teenage boys' feet; which is constant!

I had a very hard time finding it. I saw the commercial over a month ago and have been looking/calling around for it, you can print a $3.00 coupon for it online and it's about $13.00 for the starter kit with a very small sample of the cleaner, additionally I bought three cans of the refill at the same time since I have something happening on my carpet almost daily and I found it finally at Walmart.

RUN, don't walk.......

Birthday at Grammies

More birthday at Grammies

My Ma is such a sport. She let the party happen at her home since we are just getting so big; in the end it was about half of us, so I could have managed, but it generally "feels" a little less stressful when it's NOT at YOUR home; and I needed LESS STRESS, my Mom insisted actually.

It was a small gathering, and up until Ethan WHACKED Corbin (my Nephew) on the head, it was perfect! :( Ethan insisted Corbin hit him LAST NIGHT (never happened) and then wanted to go home. Both the little one's we're so very tired, when we got home they we're both just OOZING of positivity; they we're like drunk, cranky old men, just complaining with no purpose, they got some extra back rubs and off to sleep they went.

Ethan got TWO moving, roaring, dinosaurs, obviously so they can fight each other,  a Thomas the Tank Engine movie, a inter-active system for TV that is like a small person version of a WII and a stuffed dalmatian puppy and two card games. He had a race car cake, which we have NO IDEA why he picked that; oh well, and ice cream.

I am almost embarrassed to admit that the kid probably has one more birthday; he wants to invite friends. WHAT FRIENDS? he's 4! But, he insists he has them, so there may be one more posting......stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Four years ago right now....

I was literally pushing Ethan into the world; he was born at 9:56am January 7th 2005.

It's amazing how fast time goes; I have two teenage boys, and a FOUR YEAR OLD!

Four reason's why I LOVE my Ethan.

1. He is SO FUNNY, I mean where DOES he come up with some of the stuff he say's?
("You remember; when I was STUPID, BORED and FREAKING OUT!"---Ethan)

2. He is SO CUTE, I mean really, where DOES he get that wavy, beautiful hair?

3. He is SO Special, I mean really, how DOES one small baby endure open heart surgery so well?

4. He is SO Ours! I mean really, how DOES one family get so lucky?

Happy Birthday little boy; you have been SUCH a joy!

(I will post pictures later)........


Sunday morning; Primary!!

Getting ready to go into Primary
Sis. Johnson, who was his nursery teacher too!
Enjoying the "Happy Birthday" serenade
McAfee letting him pick his "candle" pencil

Making cupcakes(that Mom would overcook) with Hopper!

....The road to 4 yrs old!!

Sunday was Ethan's first time in Primary, and it was triple the fun because he got to have "Happy Birthday" sung to him AND his Mama did sharing time, so it personally was a very fun time (except feeling "confused" most the time, dangit!) but I didn't let that bother me.

Sharing time was fun, I had the kids get in a circle while I told them a story, and it was great to look out and have both MY little one's faces there!

Before church Ethan and Cody noticed they were BOTH wearing vests, and Ethan thought that was COOL!

Sunday evening we had Doug's family over for a small party since they are leaving Wednesday morning ( Ethan's actual birthday) for Florida, Ethan got a shirt with a transformer that he had seen on Saturday; and threw a FIT in the store that I wouldn't buy it for him, THAT WAS FUN, and he got a MASSIVE Thomas the Tank Engine track w/train; this was quite the production and LARGE, but boy did he enjoy that!

(note to Debbie. We left the train in the back of the van Saturday night, and guess who found it on the way to church Sunday afternoon??) Yes, that's right, as we're pulling into the church you hear "COOL, I ALWAYS WANTED THIS THOMAS"!!


I over cooked the dinner, AND the birthday cupcakes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN, sorry :(

Enjoy the pix......

Concussion update

Well, I am starting to feel like things are returning to "normal"; at least once a day since I fell, I feel dizzy and confused if I get up and try to resume normal activity, and yesterday was no different; BUT it came and WENT yesterday evening. By the time it was time to go to bed, I had made it all day without a headache and the other symptoms came and went, .............IT'S PROGRESS!!!

BTW; I am outside the window for real complications, like hemorrhaging and would know by now if I had really injured my head, but am still within the time frame for having symptoms, so I am moving in the right direction and expect to be fully recovered by the end of the week!!! 

Thanks so much to everyone who has called/text'd/and emailed, it's much appreciated! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

concussion update; PT 2

Day 5. I am still just not "me"

If I get up and move around, I get dizzy, disoriented, and upset stomach and CONFUSED; literally. Yesterday I needed to look up a few things for my Primary sharing time, I decided to do this during sacrament.....it took me half the time to look up ONE scripture! I leaned over and told Doug that I still have three more to go and it's taken me half the time to look up just ONE! By the end of the evening, I was sick; went and laid down and NEVER got back up.

It's apparently going to take me awhile longer than I had hoped to get better, and I will never; EVER get up on the toy box to take a picture!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday evening

It was quiet at our house most the day again. I was feeling much better, was able to get up and move around and didn't feel tired enough to lay back down until 2pm  or so. Hopper retired with me and he watched "No Reservations" and I slept a bit. 

It was a perfectly lazy Saturday here; perfect for a very COLD day! The evening ended with Hopper and the little ones having coco, skittles and watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; which I had NO IDEA still existed. My brother's we're into that probably 20 years ago! Then, they all pooped out in front of the fireplace, how cute are these kids?

Friday, January 2, 2009

You will transcend, tribute to women's friendship

Well worth the 5 min to watch.


(Thank you Aunt C)

Little MISS concussion update

Today the headache is much, much better. I am still much happier when laying down and will get dizzy and an upset stomach if I get up and move around too much, the kids were good for me this morning until my Mother in law came to get them. 

All in all I am feeling better today. I am not a SITTER; this is nice, but I am hoping it's over by the end of the weekend.

(Callie snapped this picture of me for your enjoyment!)

Day with Grandmommy

Grandmommy came today and brought the kids some presents and took them to the movies, they saw Marley & me. Callie got a Barbie jeans and top set, a dress and a little Precious Moments doll, Ethan got two henley tops and he also got a little doll, when you sqeeze the tummies they repeat the prayer "Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep, may angels watch me through the night and keep me in their blessed sight. Amen"


A BIG thank you to Mom for coming to get the kids; Doug had a real estate appt and was going to be gone, it's still better when I am laying down; so it was terrific to not have to worry about that, plus, Grandmommy is leaving in less than a week so I think she is getting her grandchildren fix before she has to be gone for two months. The kids are going to miss her; she is probably the GREATEST Grandmommy ever!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve....

Our ward decided to plan a 1st time New Year's Eve party; Sunday the idea was hatched and put together, a lot of us knew that with younger kid's we would be limited to what we would be doing and thought it was a pretty good idea. It went off very well, there was card games, balloons, limbo and a pinata at the end; and in between there was snacks and pizza! We all had a great time, the kid's had so much fun.

It got over @ 8:30 and we we're home by 9, put the kids to bed and then I got a CONCUSSION!!! 

WHAT? A CONCUSSION! YES. I decided to get a picture of the "end of the night" with the kids tucked in bed and thought it would be a better shot if I stood on top of the toy box; as you might imagine, it came out from under me and I went down and banged my head twice before I hit the ground. Lovely. If you've ever wondered what it is to have one; you have a TREMENDOUS headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, dizziness, fatigue and overall YUCK. So, I have spent my new year's day in bed; not able to do much else without feeling worse.WELCOME 2009

  The last bedtime for Ethan in 2008
          What the camera did when I hit the wall
                Just before "the incident"