Thursday, January 8, 2009

More birthday at Grammies

My Ma is such a sport. She let the party happen at her home since we are just getting so big; in the end it was about half of us, so I could have managed, but it generally "feels" a little less stressful when it's NOT at YOUR home; and I needed LESS STRESS, my Mom insisted actually.

It was a small gathering, and up until Ethan WHACKED Corbin (my Nephew) on the head, it was perfect! :( Ethan insisted Corbin hit him LAST NIGHT (never happened) and then wanted to go home. Both the little one's we're so very tired, when we got home they we're both just OOZING of positivity; they we're like drunk, cranky old men, just complaining with no purpose, they got some extra back rubs and off to sleep they went.

Ethan got TWO moving, roaring, dinosaurs, obviously so they can fight each other,  a Thomas the Tank Engine movie, a inter-active system for TV that is like a small person version of a WII and a stuffed dalmatian puppy and two card games. He had a race car cake, which we have NO IDEA why he picked that; oh well, and ice cream.

I am almost embarrassed to admit that the kid probably has one more birthday; he wants to invite friends. WHAT FRIENDS? he's 4! But, he insists he has them, so there may be one more posting......stay tuned!

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