Saturday, September 27, 2008

Callie and the lost tooth

Magic feet

From the time Cody and Spencer we're little, I would sometimes offer to rub thier feet in exchange for a smooth transition into bedtime. Sometimes it might have been that someone was having tantrums or just "wasn't tired", whatever the reason, rubbing the feet did the trick I think about every time. I won't touch the boy's feet now, YUCK; but I do it now for Callie and Ethan, he calls it "magic feet" and get's the cutest smirk on his face when I begin to rub his feet.
He was the tantrum thrower last night, poor thing was exhausted and crying. I asked him if he wanted to do "magic feet" and VOILA! no more crying.
I have always enjoyed doing this for the kids, it was a time to sit with them and talk or watch the day's troubles just disappear, and Ethan, he just get's this smirk that will kill ya!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GTU girls.......

To my possee, my girls, my confidantes and friends.

Michele, Cathy and Deb. Thank you for the six, ten and four years of unconditional love and support that you all have offered me collectively and individually. One doesn't come by great friendship all that often, and when you do; you cherish it. I will miss your faces and voices three times a week, you simply have no idea.

I am HOME, on a TUESDAY night, making dinner and watching a movie with Callie.....it's BLISS.

I love you all.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DEAD woman writing.......

We are on our FIFTH day/night of middle of the night SHENANIGANS.

Friday night: Callie sick, up all night throwing up, no ones sleeping
Saturday morning:  Someone needs to take Ethan to "Playdate with Thomas" at Toys R Us,
 I am the more "alert" one, so I do it.

Saturday afternoon:     Home around 3 and I am EXHAUSTED, off to take a nap before working
Later, Sat afternoon:    More throwing up...

Sunday morning:          Thank heavens. Seems to be good in our house. Off to church.....
Sunday night: Callie wants to sleep with Cody. 2:30 am, more throwing up
Monday:  Callie stays home from school

Tuesday night: Home from work 11:30, to bed @ 12:30am, ETHAN throwing up @ 1:30
someone has to go downstairs with Ethan and Doug is more "alert". More throwing up at 3:30, 5:30 and 8:30...........:(

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Family pictures

We had outdoor pictures done on Friday. I am excited to preview and pick them out tomorrow! I did snap a few of the kids together with my camera.

Too cute!!

Shared room....

We have been discussing putting the two little ones together since last fall. We figured we would do it this spring, but then that came and went; but we have officially "done it" and they are sharing a room, with an adorable bunk bed. 

They have been going to sleep very well, Callie will complain a bit that Ethan is talking too much, but they have both stayed in bed when they are put down, which is such a HUGE deal!!

Ethan's "bunk" is actually the floor, with a foam type piece and cover, it turned out SO cute. We are thinking about painting again now since the color is predominantly blue, and the paint job from when it was Callie's room is soft green, we'll see.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daddy/daughter day....

Callie and her Dad took the afternoon Sunday to go up to Silver Lake. They walked around the lake, looked at ducks, collected a few items; pinecones, leaves and rocks and just spent time together. Latte went, but was banished to the car!  (dogs are not allowed) 

Not to be "outdone" Mother and son's went to CHURCH (like we always do!) :)

Good grief :(

So. We took Latte in to be groomed yesterday. After much talking, I was sufficiently ready to "take the leap"........AGAIN.  I will admit, she looks better than the first round, but she does not look like Latte, once again; we have decided to go ahead and love her anyway.

Poor Latte.

What a difference 20 minutes makes

One minute he's playing computer games......

The next...................ASLEEP!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do you HEAR ME Watte?

Ethan is so cute. Here he is,  giving his WATTE a talking to. He is one adorable child, I tell ya!

Salt and Pepper.....

Callie's BEST FRIEND is Raja. Callie was born in June and Raja in November of 2002. 

Raja's family have been great neighbors of ours, and the girls have "grown up" together. The other day her Dad and Mom pulled up and said "Do you have an extra girl with you"? and I said "yeah, they are over in that tree; playing SPY" her Dad said "Mm, Mm. I'll tell you what, SALT AND PEPPER"! Callie has really gotten picky about playing with "girls" and all the things "girls" do.

 I am intrigued and delighted at the prospect of watching them become young ladies, Raja is much more "princess" and Callie more "shabby princess" (with a touch of soccer star) Raja gets very concerned about her shoes getting some mud on them, and my daughter is running THROUGH the mud! It's funny to watch.

Callerellie, callerellie

Everyday it's callerellie!

 Callie decided to mop THE WHOLE KITCHEN FLOOR, did pretty darn good too!!!! She has gotten very much into "chores" these day's, which I don't mind exploiting. She will clean toilets, wash the kitchen table, wipe down walls, all for the LOVE of a sticker! (silly Callie) When I commented on the disgust of the kitchen floor, she knew exactly where to go for the mop and cleaner and went to work, she thought it was funny when I would say "Callerellie, you won't go to the ball until it's done"

What a dolly.