Saturday, September 27, 2008

Magic feet

From the time Cody and Spencer we're little, I would sometimes offer to rub thier feet in exchange for a smooth transition into bedtime. Sometimes it might have been that someone was having tantrums or just "wasn't tired", whatever the reason, rubbing the feet did the trick I think about every time. I won't touch the boy's feet now, YUCK; but I do it now for Callie and Ethan, he calls it "magic feet" and get's the cutest smirk on his face when I begin to rub his feet.
He was the tantrum thrower last night, poor thing was exhausted and crying. I asked him if he wanted to do "magic feet" and VOILA! no more crying.
I have always enjoyed doing this for the kids, it was a time to sit with them and talk or watch the day's troubles just disappear, and Ethan, he just get's this smirk that will kill ya!

1 comment:

  1. Cute! What a good mommy. I'm sure that will be a nice memory for them growing up of how much their mommy cared about them.