Friday, December 31, 2010

New year, birthday and new background!

Since Ethan's birthday is next Friday, and it's the beginning of a new year, I thought the "CELEBRATIONS" blog background was fitting.

Ethan turns S-I-X next week, that's so hard to believe...

2010 is O-V-E-R, that's so hard to believe.....

I guess weather we agree, go along with, or welcome some changes, they come around each year, I think it's mostly a good thing. I always feel the new year is a "new beginning" and I'm usually hopeful that it will be a better year than the one before, sometimes I think that's it's been a waisted thought, but in the end, I guess it's better to start off that way.

At the close of 2010; I've had a big year. I quit my job of 11yrs, my big boy's are off and running, and they just don't need me the same, which is a hard adjustment to a Mama who loves like I do, and peri-menopause has entered my life... MID LIFE. What a thought, sometimes it's very scary to think about being at a mid point, but that's where I am, it comes with it's own slew of  issues to deal with and navigate through, my age number isn't a big deal to me, I'm 42, I don't care if you know that, but I don't think I ever considered that I would have any sort of "menopause" words attached to that age, but alas, it is very common... luckily I have a terrific Mother who has given me a sort of "bible" to reference, and a whole lifetime of wisdom and security to know that I am ok, just as I am, and that "this too shall pass".... I have a pretty nice guy to live with too, and he's holding his own, nicely.

At the close of the year, I have found myself car-less most of it, a predicament I am not fond of, it has made me kinda crazy truth be told, so has not working. I like to work, and I will go back to doing "something" this year since Ethan will start 1st grade this summer and I don't think I could find quite enough within my four walls to keep me from going crazy M-F... on the other hand, I have expanded my photography equipment and my knowledge and skills, and that has continued to be a great source of fun, I have made some money with it, and given some people great happiness through  pictures, and I have amazed myself a few times with what I captured, it's truly a gift that I hope to expand upon this year... I really love it.

My children continue to be my greatest source of joy, I expect that to be the way of it forever! "Thank God for kids" my crowning glory, my life's work...

I hope the new year brings.....

Friends to play with for my Doll

Another healthy year for my Ethan

The beginning of a college education for my Coder

..And more Santa suits for my Hopper!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, since it's taken FIVE day's to catagorize, edit, color correct then sort them and add some features, I think I will just let the pictures tell the story.

Christmas 2010 was really, REALLY nice... FANTASTIC really. Both big boy's were home for Christmas morning, which was by far, the greatest gift, all four kids in the same place, all having a good time together.. laughing, hugging........ the big boy's really found the joy in the giving this year, they both made the effort to buy things for their younger brother and sister that they would love, such a "moment" to watch, I am truly a blessed woman.

It's too bad I can't really show you what the Petey card did, when you open the card, he rocks out! shaking his guitar, it was hilarious, Hopper got that one for me, along with the large frame to put pictures in.. Cody was pretty much bullied into buying me a rotisserie cooker, that's going to be a funny memory for him one day, I really did march him to the store and have him buy me that.. to my credit, I bought the chicken! ... I really am smiling to think about this Christmas, it goes down as the best by far.

I was truly spoiled this year. Doug got me an external flash for my camera, a new lens, tripod/mono pod combo (I really like shooting with the monopod more than a tripod) and the LARGEST digital photo frame out there.. so far. I LOVE THIS THING.

My ONLY regret about this Christmas is that Mom and Dad Seivert left for Wisconsin on Christmas eve, so they came Thursday night and had it then... I was making sugar cookies/frosting at the time, so there are no pictures of that... Callie got a "Paper Jamz" guitar and Ethan got Lincoln logs, both a HIT. Mom had bought me the new Richard Paul Evans book, which I devoured in THREE DAY'S TIME, I really love his stuff, and this was no exception, "Promise Me".. if you get the chance to read it; DO IT!

Hopefully, yours was a Very Merry Christmas too...

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hopper text me Friday night that Santa would be at his work tomorrow from 12-2, and that I should bring the little one's down.... I asked him if he would be there; "yes"... sure! we'll be there at noon!

We had Callie and Ethan's little friends Rachel and Gavin for the day, so they were all so excited to go see SANTA.

When we got there, Santa is walking around the building, he yells at me and I tell him "the kids have gone inside" and in the store I go, Santa coming a few seconds behind me.

Santa walks in, say's "Ho Ho Ho" and "Merry Christmas" and goes to a chair sat next to a Christmas tree. I already have camera in hand, but I turn to one of his co-workers and say " is Spencer here?"... YEAH, (pointing to Santa).. THAT IS SPENCER!


By then he already has Ethan on his lap, asking him what he wants for Christmas... My son. Santa. He did such a great job, he played the part VERY well, like someone who has some experience with children, and a heart of gold.

The kids figured it out... but that was ok, it was a RIOT...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas party

We had our ward party last night, it was fun... the Primary kids were asked to dress up as people/animals that they had been assigned on Sunday,  Ethan was a wiseman, and Callie was an angel.. it was a pretty cute little production!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My latest obsession!!!

glee. WHERE HAS THIS SHOW BEEN? I have been aware of it, and often thought "I'd probably like that show;" being musically inclined and all, but WHOA! Callie and I are addicted. Two weeks ago I bought the glee Christmas CD, then I bought the music to season 4, for no other reason than the song "Marry you"... if you can go watch the episode titled "FURT" the wedding scene is totally worth it, someone needs to get married like that and include ME! I'm available.

The second is probably not new, but I happened upon it one afternoon and was fascinated by the subject, I don't recall now what it was but I was hooked, now we record this one too...


.. This one too.. Doug and I will laugh ourselves silly at this one...