Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Various Ethan...

It was SO lovely outside two Sunday's ago, that we went to the park with some friends... the kids threw a ball around, played on the playground and then we went to visit Coder at work. It was sunny and hot, just perfect outside, I was so hoping to have repeated it this last Sunday, but the weather wasn't quite as nice... I am really hoping this Sunday can give us one last HOOR-AH outside, it has been the best to still be able to shoo the kids outside and have the windows open during the day.. The other pictures are of Ethan sitting with alphabet flash cards, he entertained himself by lining up the full alphabet on the counter, AND he then spelled out his name in candy corn!!

I just love "documenting" my life. The idea that my kids will one day, hopefully, LOONG TIME FROM NOW; will sit and look over these pictures and laugh, cry and "remember"... maybe when THAT day comes, they will not be complaining about how often I took these pictures!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ethan has a new teacher

Ethan's school was given permission to add another K-garten teacher, this was probably a month into the school year, but it meant he was going into a class with 14-15 students instead of 20-something.. so we decided it would be ok, he has several classmates, including Solo, who is also his Primary "mate". It has been a GREAT change, Ethan really likes her, and so do I, she is funny, upbeat, and SO ENTHUSIASTIC to teach these kids.

Mrs. Muchado is from Portugal. Speaks three languages, and has been a terrific change!

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Coder.

Wow. Almost 19. Handsome.
and a heart as big as Texas.
I am a lucky Mama.
and PROUD.


My little Ethan has become quite fond of puzzles lately, something he sorta picked up
on the houseboat! Since then, he has been bought a few, and he enjoys it...so far, just the
larger 25piece one's, but I am thinking, he's so quick at it, that I may move him up to the
bigger one.