Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Callerellie, callerellie

Everyday it's callerellie!

 Callie decided to mop THE WHOLE KITCHEN FLOOR, did pretty darn good too!!!! She has gotten very much into "chores" these day's, which I don't mind exploiting. She will clean toilets, wash the kitchen table, wipe down walls, all for the LOVE of a sticker! (silly Callie) When I commented on the disgust of the kitchen floor, she knew exactly where to go for the mop and cleaner and went to work, she thought it was funny when I would say "Callerellie, you won't go to the ball until it's done"

What a dolly.

1 comment:

  1. I have one like that! Or rather, she was like that when she was younger. Tersa always wanted to help. Even or especially) with chores. She is still helpful and does a good job cleaning, but she has to be asked now. Keddi has started wanting to help with dinner!