Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GTU girls.......

To my possee, my girls, my confidantes and friends.

Michele, Cathy and Deb. Thank you for the six, ten and four years of unconditional love and support that you all have offered me collectively and individually. One doesn't come by great friendship all that often, and when you do; you cherish it. I will miss your faces and voices three times a week, you simply have no idea.

I am HOME, on a TUESDAY night, making dinner and watching a movie with Callie.....it's BLISS.

I love you all.



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  2. Oh Catherine, started missing you at 9:31 last night. No fair! You're such a great friend. I'm glad you're home where you're needed at night. Come back anytime, we'll be waiting with Diet Mtn Dew! We'll stay in touch.


  3. Debbie will bring the diet mountain dew, but I will bring the diet coke with TWO LEMONS!!

    I don't have my favorite person coming to bring me dinner or chatting the night away with me any longer. What to do? I promise I will still give you my People magazines after the rest of possee has had a chance to read them. I know you would be lost without the latest gossip.

    I'm glad you are in a blissful state at home. It is much deserved and long awaited.

    Thanks for making our days here with you enjoyable. We love you!