Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saving Little Hearts

I submitted a picture of Ethan for the yearly Saving Little Hearts calendar. Saving Little Hearts is an organization that donates 100% of the proceeds to the research and prevention of CHD; (Congenital Heart Disease)

We have purchased from them in the past and they sent me an e-mail asking for pictures, I was thrilled to participate; and am so proud of my little guy. I submitted the picture of Ethan with the Superman "S" on his chest; over his scar from open heart surgery, since I've felt since then that he has achieved superhero status with us, what a guy!

I have added the link that goes directly to the calendars. If you click on the "here to purchase" it will allow you to preview the months, Ethan is in May, (top row, 4th pic, superman "s")

All 2009 calendars orders are now being shipped the day they are ordered. If you have already ordered your calendar they have already been shipped. All new orders will be shipped as soon as the order is received and a tracking number will be sent to you. Click here to place your order now.

Our little guy has had his 15 min of fame!!!

What a pretty Dolly!

Today she looked SO grown up; and BEAUTIFUL

Baking cupcakes

         They're done!

This boy LOVES his cupcakes and muffins............

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We have been POUNDED with snow!  Three day's in a row now and more coming........

Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday breakfast

Give a boy stickers, he'll decorate your table

Ethan and Horton


I had seen these a week ago or so while we we're out looking/comparing prices on washer/dryers; and thought there was NO WAY I would get anything more for Christmas, plus they are Kitchenaid and NOT cheap! 

Two day's before Christmas, Doug texts me about the gifts he was getting and he asks what I want from the kids, I tell him I don't know; then comes a response that he already figured it out, to which I ask "you got me a Kitchenaid?" he say's something that gives me the impression that is exactly what he did!; and I say "you wouldn't tease me"?

Kitchenaid utensils!! PINK ONES! How cool. Now, I REALLY do need the pink mixer!!! Stay tuned..........

Christmas morning!!!

Callie watching Cheetah Girls!

Ethan with R/C Thomas the Train

Cody gets his own key to the van!!

MORE Christmas Morning.....

Christmas Eve

We kept it pretty simple around here Chrimstmas Eve. We made sugar cookies for the neighbors, visited Grammie and Uncle J and then came home to put on jammies and watch christmas cartoons!

The kids all slept with the "big boys" and we're all so excited for Santa to come; A BIG SHOUT OUT TO SAID BIG BOY'S, they took them downstairs with them, got them quieted down quickly and to sleep. I LOVE YOU "BIG BOY'S"

Ward Christmas party

This year's ward Christmas party was on the day of the HUGE snowstorm last Friday! It took me OVER an hour to get home that day (7mi) , at 3 in the afternoon no less, what a DRAG. So needless to say; a 6pm start time ended up being a bad idea, it didn't start until 7. I had the TREMENDOUS pleasure of singing two duet's with Sister Ross, we have very good simpatico, our voices are; quite frankly, lovely together! I LOVE singing, and miss it terribly, so I was more than happy to agree to the duet's.

The primary children sang a few song's too, and Ethan is almost in Primary and was allowed to participate (a definite benefit of being in the Primary presidency) Ethan was also allowed to give the final "part" in the Primary program this year, even though he'd NEVER practiced! 

Poor thing, he cried in the audience until we fit him in!!

Poor Latte :(

Well, we have learned a very important, unfortunate lesson for Miss Latte. You CANNOT wait THREE MONTHS to groom her. When I dropped her off; I was given the "Stink eye" from the owner of the shop, she asked if I wanted the "teddy bear" again for her and I said "yes" , she then said "I don't know what we'll be able to do, she is awfully matted" and off to work; chastised I went, then when NO ONE called me to pick her up; I called and was informed that she is SO matted that they are having to shave her, VERY SLOWLY so they don't CUT HER, and that there will be "NOTHING left of her fur" when I get her back! Poor thing; she is wearing a sweater these day's so she doesn't FREEZE to death!

I was given the STINK EYE from EVERYONE in the groomer's when I picked her up!; and was informed that letting her "get like that" can bruise her skin and that I CANNOT wait that long in between groomings!!


(if you are DISGUSTED with me after seeing this post; please know I have been duly corrected and it will not happen again!) SERIOUSLY, we LOVE THIS DOG!!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Picking out the new washer/dryer

After our trip to see Santa and Ms. Clause, we we're off to make the "final" pick on my Christmas/you're a GREAT wife/you've earned it/ I NEED MORE ROOM FOR ALL THE LAUNDRY AROUND HERE, AND IF I DON'T GET IT I'M GONNA.......... (he he)

Seriously; Mom's of the world unite! You DESERVE, and have probably earned these super capacity, do more laundry in less time, front loading set's. I LOVE IT! 

WARNING: Those cool looking pedestals they sit on, the one's that raise them up so you're not stooping down, they want $200.00 a piece for those things! Doug and I said no way; Doug can build me something, and that he did; did a GREAT job too (thank you honey!)

Doing  the laundry was never so much fun. These things look like space ships landed in the laundry room at night. COOL!

(Doug did all the work on these on Christmas eve; and the finishing piece that will run along the top where the the two edges meet; was too small so he has to get a larger piece, which means there will be another picture to show the FULL finished product)

Just Santa and ME

Meet Santa!

Every year; Santa and Ms. Clause come to Sundance to let the kids' give give 'em the list. It's funny to watch each year as Callie and Ethan have a million things they can tell you they want; until Santa is asking them! Then it's "go blank" and say nothing! The pictures are sure cute though........

FIRST piano recital

Dolly has been taking piano lessons for about three months now. She is doing very well (says her teacher) and enjoying it (thank heaven's!) I'm so glad the lessons finally took; even if it did take THREE children to get there!

Christmas at the Seivert's