Saturday, January 21, 2012

2011... in pictures

Well, it's not EVERYTHING about this year, but it has the last part, and some of our more substantial happenings.


Hopper's Birthday.

Last day at Bacchus Elementary.

First day at Christ Lutheran Church & School.

Christmas program at CLCS.

Christmas program at Christ Lutheran.

Decorating the Christmas tree.


My last post talked about "waiting" for Christ Lutheran to have a position come open, this was to be the best scenario for me, Callie and Ethan. (unless you factor in that I was SUPPOSED to be basking in "quiet time" now after 20yrs of parenting!) *sigh*

That call came. In the MOST dramatic fashion, of course. I had interviewed for a position with Philo T. Farnsworth in November, they had room for Callie and Ethan and were very interested but I had made a commitment to CLCS for the month of December while someone was on maternity leave, and they just couldn't make it work with two weeks off in December... but I had the job otherwise. Tough. I had JUST told Doug how UNFAIR this was.... but that I was going to call Philo back and tell them that I would withdraw from the CLCS commitment.

I quit crying,  picked up the phone, got voice mail of the person I've been working with for MONTHS trying to secure a position there. I advised her that I have tried every way possible to keep my word, but that I had to have a job; could she she possibly find another substitute?

I walked out of my room, down the stairs, phone in hand and sat down at the kitchen table. That is when the phone rang......

"Hi Catherine, I got your message and I think we can solve this problem right now"

Pen in hand, writing down all the details of when I will be starting, when the kids can start and what position is being offered... crying the WHOLE time. I'm sure she thought I was crazy!

Cody had walked into the kitchen by this time, totally confused but sure something was wrong! Poor kid. Doug told him he was pretty sure something really good was happening and that I was fine. When I got off the phone I was completly overcome; I could barely breath. Doug sat down and with tears in his eyes said "just watching you is making me cry"

The kids started the Monday after Thanksgiving and then the "waiting" was on for baby Clawson, which took another week, and it was GREAT. We got to take the kids to school in the morning and I got a much needed break.

The kids LOVE their new school, not even a beat was missed. They have terrific teachers and have settled in and adjusted amazingly well, we all have.

We had three birthday's. Cody turned 20. Hopper 18. (Doug turned 45 if really interested!) then school Christmas programs. We had a little "Staycation" downtown and with that Christmas was easily and happily dismissed.

We spent our New years eve seeing "Ghost Protocol" and then picked up the kids and had Italian Nachos at home. 2011 is the third in a row that I figure "good riddence"

My new "job" is such a bright spot in my new year. Kids go with me to school and we leave together. I see them at lunch and in the halls. We are all together, and that makes me very happy. The job itself is fulfilling and the people are like another "family" and I am very grateful to have secured such a great place to work with so many terrific "side" effects...

Welcome 2012. Please be kind.