Friday, September 25, 2009

Intermountain Healing Hearts walk

What a fun time we had at the heart walk this year, and I'm convinced one of these years, I'm going to put together a "team" to do it, complete with t-shirts....but not this year; again. But alas, we had a good time, just me and the two little ones. The kids got t-shirts and everyone with a CHD got a special sticker on their name tag, "Heroes" they called them; so true.
Ethan made a friend who was also ETHAN, and he had a sister who had passed away, and it was strange to have this little boy telling my little boy that his sister "died from a broken heart" I don't know what goes through my little guy's head, but I do cringe a bit at the idea he may wonder about death, and where he fits into that "broken heart" distinction, but I feel it is important for us to talk about it, and for him to be a part of this group. Ethan knows he had surgery, and he knows his heart was "fixed", he's seen the hospital pictures. It is what it is.
As you can see, they had face painting, and they were both excited and adorable. Ethan's main concern is that we were going to "lose the race" and that he get a "prize", totally wrong thing to say over a loud speaker to 4yr olds, now they ALL want prizes!

Intermountain Healing Hearts walk

One very sad part of the event is the tent with memorial posters. It is a very sad moment to watch a mother standing in front of what is obviously HER child's poster, the one she probably wanted to make to honor her child, probably worked for hours on the theme, colors and pictures that best summed up her baby's importance and unforgettable presence. I had a lump in my throat more than once. It was noted during the event that this is a "club which no one wants to be a part of" You have a child with a CHD, and every year, that tent is more full with memorial posters, and you are so grateful that it is NOT your child, and so sad that it has to be anyone's.
My boy won tickets to Hale Centre Theatre, it was perfect, as he is the only one of my children who hasn't been there to see a play, he'll get to go see "A Christmas Carol" in November; or at least I WILL! (there is an age limit and I don't know how well he'd actually sit through it).
We had a great time. The weather was perfect, the kids were perfectly behaved, and best of all, I FOUND the park!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Turning 4-0

The few of us that were still kicking after the "party" was over on Wednesday, piled onto my bed and watched some VERY old, and precious videos of the family about 12 years ago I guess. The family has grown so much in that time, the four boy's were about 3,4 and 6 and our dear Papa was still alive. We laughed, sighed, ooh'd and aah'd our way through about an hour of video, and a few times we got teary eyed at the sight of Papa, alive and well, what a blessing to have memories brought to life again.
For a birthday, this was TOPS, I think it honestly was my best ever, and largely due to, although not limited to, those that are crammed on my bed!

Turning 4-0

My Day started out GREAT! I started it bright and early with pancakes and ALL FOUR of my children. (no picture)
I was then graced with a plate of AWESOME brownies, which my good friend Mcafee baked, "don't you remember I promised you?" NOPE, but thank you!! :)
On top of it being Ethan's first official day to preschool, we went straight to Bajio's for a birthday lunch with Debbie and Christina, both whom had lunch with me there last year on my birthday Such good company, they are both very dear friends.
Later in the evening, my family showed up,my in law's included, and it was GREAT, I think it may be my BEST BIRTHDAY YET! We had food, and lot's of laughing, it was great to see my friend Shelly and her adorable baby Tucker, what a surprise!
I am a BIG fan of family. If you have one, LOVE THEM, take interest in them and appreciate them. I am one LUCKY GIRL.
Thank you to everyone who came by, called, e-mailed, texted and sent cards, you have NO IDEA how much I appreciated all of it, and was TOTALLY EXHAUSTED, like an OLD PERSON by the end of the day, I didn't even clean up the house; and THAT never happens!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Second day of preschool!

For the second day of preschool, Ethan was EXHAUSTED. I picked him up, he started in immediately how he was hungry, no one fed him, blah, blah, blah... Yeah, he's TIRED. He ate TWO bowls of cereal, grabbed a bag of CHIPS, went to the couch and within 15min.......SLEEPING.
THEN, I woke him up after about an hour, he went up into the kitchen, turned around, laid down on the floor rug and........................SLEEPING!
He slept for FOUR HOURS, but it was sure cute!

First day of Preschool

Deanie-doo had his first day of pre-school on 9/9/09. Although Ethan has been in preschool two years already, he isn't starting with Miss Becky this year (very sad) so he is going to the same school sissy is, so it was very "new" for him to NOT know the teacher or the other children.
Ethan was quite excited to start, he was very ready to leave, we left early as he was convinced "we're going to be late"! (which we were not)
They had the kids line up, then go in to wash hands and find their places on the floor. We took some pictures and kissed our little man goodbye. He's a grow'n up!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For some reason?

When it turns September, I want, I NEED to watch "Somwhere in Time"........

I explained that because it's ROMANTIC, he doesn't recognize it, and is therefore lost on him!

Preschool teacher orientation day

Ethan got to go and meet his teacher today, her name is Mrs. Jackson, he is in room 5, and he starts TOMORROW!!!

They kids got to put together a paper plate and cup, then they got to have a small snack, and then we made a "paper Ethan" the last picture is Ethan, with brown yarn for his curly, dreamy hair!!!

I took him to pick out new pants and some t-shirts this evening, and he was SO excited!

First day of preschool pix to come tomorrow.....

Mmmmm, cereal!

This kid eats cereal ALL THE TIME!

Labor day, Callie

What a pretty dolly!

Labor day, Ethan

We spent some time out at the Daybreak lake, fed the ducks, rode bikes and played on the beach, it was a perfect afternoon! Ethan looks like a modern day Huck finn to me, he just needed some rolled up overalls and a straw hat with a fish'n pole!!

Labor day, Callie and Ethan

Monday, September 7, 2009