Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mcdougal Bridals

..Just a few so far.... it really is a THRILL to see "work" turn out so beautifully.....

Friday, February 11, 2011

A new computer

High resolution. FAST. a PINK "C".....

In the words of Mcdonald's..... I'm LOV'N IT!

My husband text me yesterday... " You want your valentines present early?"

..."uh, sure.. you seem excited"

"I am. and so will you"

We ate lunch, then he went out to the garage, came in, told me to close my eyes....

I SCREAMED! I was not expecting this for a few months maybe. Doug has REALLY spoiled me in the last two months, really. seriously. I appreciate it, him, so much.

Silly Ethan!

This boy. I think he may be the cutest boy... since the other two boy's!!!

This is why I LOVE my camera (and that new lens I have)... when he's being so doggon adorable, I get to click away and capture it forever.

Ethan. the fourth jewel in my crown.

Daddy-daughter Valentines dance

Talking to Grandmommy on the phone!
Wearing the pearl necklace Doug gave to me

It was just short of UNBELIEVEABLE that she wanted to go! We were both shocked.....

She had a great time, did the funky chicken, the Macarena, and had a great time with a few of her friends that were there too! She even THANKED her Dad; again this morning as she ran out the door for school.." Thanks for taking me to the dance!"..... maybe she's "becoming" a girl after all? ;)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I've been taking care of this little love bug for just about a year now... since I will be returning to work starting next week, I won't be able to anymore.. we've grown to love her, the kids absolutely LOVE her, ALL FOUR OF 'EM! She get's quite a bit of love and attention when she's here, and she's an absolutely beautiful child, no matter where I took her, people stopped to tell me how beautiful my child was!.. and since mine are, I just smiled and said "thanks!"..

We will miss her. Since she is over at my Sister's quite often, I suspect we'll find our way over there to see her, but we will miss our Thursday's with her. She has been a joy to watch. We love you, Cambrie!