Thursday, January 8, 2009

Must have.

IF you have children; LOVE your carpet, HATE  anything mucking up your carpet, OR are just NEUROTIC like me, you must have this new product. I have an upright steam cleaner, and I have had one since we bought this house, that it also a must have with children and carpet that you love, but this is the nicest little invention for all those little "oops" than seem to happen just about everyday, in fact, I've used it TWICE today! Once when Callie came running in; through the front room, up the stairs and into the kitchen with MUDDY BOOTS, and THEN the DOG came running in the same back door; AFTER  I had just vacuumed, cleaned up the footprints and put the vacuum away!!!

It's simple, perfect for stairs and has removed everything that I've used it on; mud, doggie accidents, and scuffs from two teenage boys' feet; which is constant!

I had a very hard time finding it. I saw the commercial over a month ago and have been looking/calling around for it, you can print a $3.00 coupon for it online and it's about $13.00 for the starter kit with a very small sample of the cleaner, additionally I bought three cans of the refill at the same time since I have something happening on my carpet almost daily and I found it finally at Walmart.

RUN, don't walk.......

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