Monday, January 5, 2009

concussion update; PT 2

Day 5. I am still just not "me"

If I get up and move around, I get dizzy, disoriented, and upset stomach and CONFUSED; literally. Yesterday I needed to look up a few things for my Primary sharing time, I decided to do this during sacrament.....it took me half the time to look up ONE scripture! I leaned over and told Doug that I still have three more to go and it's taken me half the time to look up just ONE! By the end of the evening, I was sick; went and laid down and NEVER got back up.

It's apparently going to take me awhile longer than I had hoped to get better, and I will never; EVER get up on the toy box to take a picture!

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  1. Catherine, I'm scared for you...you hurt yourself BAD! Are you able to work? Keep taking it easy!