Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sundance Film Festival

 (Had to include the "Dolly" bookstore!)

Every year Doug and I say "we should got see what's happenin up there" and then we don't. I was able to participate a few years back in the festival, I got a fantastic Kenneth Cole coat and was able to take bookings for the films being shown; there we're two that made it into release on the big screen, "The Station Agent" and "Whale Rider" both had gotten quite a bit of talk and we're popular in the pre-sale that I was involved with, actually seeing how much sales goes on BEFORE the festival, it's no wonder there are none left for the "little people" when it actually arrives. 

We had dinner at the Pizza and Noodle Co and then out to watch for "stars"; which we saw none, but it was nice atmosphere and and the weather was actually fine, not too cold and NOT freezing.

We lured Hopper into going by telling him he may see Chuck Norris there; he didn't, but you never know, he could have been very close by doing crunches!

We ended the trip with cold drinks and Oreo's for the drive down, We we're fortunate to have Aunti Michele there with us, she was kind enough to drive, and actually make conversation about DEATH METAL with Hopper; poor Aunti Michele!! Too funny.......

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  1. I read some articles about the film festival and they said most of the 'stars' were in DC for the Inauguration. Chuck was probably doing crunches on the White House lawn. Bummer, I was looking forward to he and Spencer roundhousin' each other.