Wednesday, January 7, 2009

....The road to 4 yrs old!!

Sunday was Ethan's first time in Primary, and it was triple the fun because he got to have "Happy Birthday" sung to him AND his Mama did sharing time, so it personally was a very fun time (except feeling "confused" most the time, dangit!) but I didn't let that bother me.

Sharing time was fun, I had the kids get in a circle while I told them a story, and it was great to look out and have both MY little one's faces there!

Before church Ethan and Cody noticed they were BOTH wearing vests, and Ethan thought that was COOL!

Sunday evening we had Doug's family over for a small party since they are leaving Wednesday morning ( Ethan's actual birthday) for Florida, Ethan got a shirt with a transformer that he had seen on Saturday; and threw a FIT in the store that I wouldn't buy it for him, THAT WAS FUN, and he got a MASSIVE Thomas the Tank Engine track w/train; this was quite the production and LARGE, but boy did he enjoy that!

(note to Debbie. We left the train in the back of the van Saturday night, and guess who found it on the way to church Sunday afternoon??) Yes, that's right, as we're pulling into the church you hear "COOL, I ALWAYS WANTED THIS THOMAS"!!


I over cooked the dinner, AND the birthday cupcakes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN, sorry :(

Enjoy the pix......

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