Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Four years ago right now....

I was literally pushing Ethan into the world; he was born at 9:56am January 7th 2005.

It's amazing how fast time goes; I have two teenage boys, and a FOUR YEAR OLD!

Four reason's why I LOVE my Ethan.

1. He is SO FUNNY, I mean where DOES he come up with some of the stuff he say's?
("You remember; when I was STUPID, BORED and FREAKING OUT!"---Ethan)

2. He is SO CUTE, I mean really, where DOES he get that wavy, beautiful hair?

3. He is SO Special, I mean really, how DOES one small baby endure open heart surgery so well?

4. He is SO Ours! I mean really, how DOES one family get so lucky?

Happy Birthday little boy; you have been SUCH a joy!

(I will post pictures later)........


  1. How funny! My daughter's bday is January 6, 2004, except she turned 5. ;) I know you probably meant 2005, but it's crazy they're so close in age and birthday! How fun to share his bday with Bri too. Well, anyway, Happy Birthday Ethan!

  2. Happy Birthday cutie pie Ethan!! You are one handsome little man. :o)