Monday, November 29, 2010

My creative idea...

A few weeks ago, as I wandered by the $1.00 section at Target, I had a thought.

Buy some of these things, here and there, and put them in a basket.  THEN....

When the kids do something that is positive and good, cooperative, obedient; etc... I can use this as a motivator and reward for doing what they should be doing. SO, I was able to put this into action last Friday... I came home from shopping to kids who were bored and REALLY at each other, I told them to pick things up, got them putting laundry away and making beds, and told them there would a "fun reward" if they got it done WITHOUT fighting.

This worked like a charm. So tonight, when they were once again getting on each other's nerves, I told them to get picked up and maybe there would be a "reward".... as we speak, they are both on the floor doing a floor puzzle, Ethan is helping Callie, and it is quiet and happy....

Well, sort of.

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