Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Halloween festivities!

We really enjoyed Halloween this year, me included, and I don't typically LOVE Halloween. Maybe being prepared a month in advance helped, Callie and Ethan had costumes squared away over a month ago, my Mother in law took the kids to Gardner Village and they got hat's, had a good time, so when we got invited to go again, Doug and I both went and I took the camera. We had trunk-r-treat and then Halloween, which included the "big boy's" coming for dinner with dates and then trick-or-treating with the little one's, we had Madison, Mikayla, Joulz and Mayz along for the fun, and the weahter really wasn't bad, the kids kept each other running along and I think we were out about two hours, I think I've enjoyed the last three years more because I had Deonna to keep me company, it's nice to have friends to enjoy along the way... we picked up Jeremy this year too, and it made the group even more enjoyable!

For someone who doesn't really care for the holiday, I think this year was by far the funn-est! I couldn't help but think about what it would look like, for just a few minutes, to have all four of my kids, age 5, out trick-or-treating, all together, what a sight that would be!

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  1. Lots of fun pictures!! I'm glad you had a good time celebrating this year. I know you don't really like the holiday and all it's evilness. Cody looks great as a werewolf. Not quite sure how Spencer looks as a girl. That is very interesting. Callie and Ethan are adorable as usual at the village. Good times!!!