Monday, December 20, 2010


Hopper text me Friday night that Santa would be at his work tomorrow from 12-2, and that I should bring the little one's down.... I asked him if he would be there; "yes"... sure! we'll be there at noon!

We had Callie and Ethan's little friends Rachel and Gavin for the day, so they were all so excited to go see SANTA.

When we got there, Santa is walking around the building, he yells at me and I tell him "the kids have gone inside" and in the store I go, Santa coming a few seconds behind me.

Santa walks in, say's "Ho Ho Ho" and "Merry Christmas" and goes to a chair sat next to a Christmas tree. I already have camera in hand, but I turn to one of his co-workers and say " is Spencer here?"... YEAH, (pointing to Santa).. THAT IS SPENCER!


By then he already has Ethan on his lap, asking him what he wants for Christmas... My son. Santa. He did such a great job, he played the part VERY well, like someone who has some experience with children, and a heart of gold.

The kids figured it out... but that was ok, it was a RIOT...

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