Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My latest obsession!!!

glee. WHERE HAS THIS SHOW BEEN? I have been aware of it, and often thought "I'd probably like that show;" being musically inclined and all, but WHOA! Callie and I are addicted. Two weeks ago I bought the glee Christmas CD, then I bought the music to season 4, for no other reason than the song "Marry you"... if you can go watch the episode titled "FURT" the wedding scene is totally worth it, someone needs to get married like that and include ME! I'm available.

The second is probably not new, but I happened upon it one afternoon and was fascinated by the subject, I don't recall now what it was but I was hooked, now we record this one too...


.. This one too.. Doug and I will laugh ourselves silly at this one...

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