Friday, December 10, 2010

For Hopper.

Sometimes, I will forget that I have not either edited a file, OR I will forget to post after... this happened with Spencer's birthday. After noticing that Cody had a birthday post but NOT him, which I first argued that there was!.. not so. I owe him his post.

My Spencer. What a kid. Smart, handsome, FUNNY (well, most the time) and quite frankly, adorable. Spencer was my "angel baby" he was SO FREAKING CUDDLY as a baby/toddler/little boy.. I couldn't pinch his cheeks enough, kiss is cheeks enough, and hug on him enough, and what was great was Spencer didn't EVER stop me! He was perfectly content with his place as "Mama's boy" for a very long time. Spencer never wanted me upset at him, he would spend a great deal of energy wanting me to be happy; "Ok, Mama" "don't be mad at me Mama" "I love you Mama"... you get the idea.

Just tonight, I stopped at his work, he fixed me my diet Pepsi with lime, even squeezing the lime for me, and then, right in front of all his co-workers and patrons, leaned across the counter and kissed me goodbye! Spencer's heart is very, VERY big.. always has been, and when you have a smart, good-looking son, who will then kiss you in front of God and everyone, well, you've SCORED!

Spencer. The second jewel in my crown. I love you.

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  1. I love your final statement. "Spencer. The second jewel in my crown." You have a very BIG crown filled with lots of precious jewels. I think it's easy to see why your big boys love you so much. They have one cool mama!