Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas at our house.

Even though I've not been much "in the Christmas mood" Ethan wanted to decorate last week... BAD! He could hardly contain his excitement as Doug brought up the tree and all the Christmas "stuff" came up. I went much lighter on the decorations this year, I think this year, more than any other, I just want to get through Christmas so we can get on to SPRING!

Something about the cold weather this year, the smog, snow.... I wish we lived somewhere warmer this year. My cousin in Arizona just posted about the 80 degree weather they were having this week.. sounds kinda tempting to me. Personally, I am "feelin it" right now, I MISS my Sundance family this time of year for sure, this is my first Christmas not at Sundance in 12 years, it's made me sad.

Anywhoo, we are in full swing for Christmas here, the kids are excited, it looks, smells and feels like Christmas around here, the choir just had thier Christmas program last Saturday, and it was AWESOME! I think I could perform like that EVERY weekend, such a joy to me. The BEST part about the concert? ALL my kids were there! with two teenage boy's, this has become a much more cherished happening. It was great to look out and see them all there, including my Mother and Doug of course, my biggest fan.

As I type this, the choir is singing "Silent Night" in the background, and I am all the sudden "in the mood"....


  1. Cute decorations as always! I hear ya about going 'light' this year....me too! I am taking President Monson's advice and keeping things simple this year. For me, that means NO TREE.

    So glad to hear you were tickled PINK with the Christmas choir performance and that all your kids were ther to support you.

  2. Hey cutie! Can I blog stalk ya? ;)
    That concert is always my very favorite one of the year... it does a lot to get me in the mood.
    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & I hope that next year Pete will also be missing his Sundance "family."

  3. Love your house, it looks a little more professional than mine! ;0)

    I miss you too! I need a buddy to work with me til late and talk about all the fun shopping, festivities etc.

  4. Duch, I think that would have been fine to have no tree, but I think the kids would FLOG me! I too loved the Christmas remarks this year, simple is just fine with me, in fact, PERFECT. I MISS YOU..

    Chantelle, SURE, stalk away! If you're "private" please add me... I LOVE my blog, it's a fun way to journal. I sure hope Pete gets something worthy of him, I adore him.

    Deb, Thanks! I'm sure you're home has a great "feel" and how proud Brax must be of himself... I sure wish I were there with you, I swear it's caused me tears.. I hate it. MISS YOU.