Monday, April 27, 2009

Uncle J

My brother Jacob moved home last November after being away from us for 13yrs. We have missed him terribly, and he's missed a lot of growing up from his siblings children, the two oldest are 17 now, 18 in the fall, so Uncle J has been a sort of "rock star" for all these years as he would come in to visit and then return to Arizona again.

He is home now, where he belongs. It's been great to have him over for dinner's and basketball games, and he will go to the movies now with those older nephews that he's lived away from since they we're almost 5.

Time passes so very quickly; and yet the years have simply melted away as we have all re-connected "in person", thank goodness for text messaging over the last few years, this has allowed us to really still communicate easily, but there is NOTHING like the real thing, and I am so glad he is home.

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  1. We miss you here in AZ Jay, but we're happy they love you too there in UT. ;)