Saturday, April 18, 2009


We we're out and about two Saturday's ago and when we asked the little one's where they would like to go for dinner, they both shouted "WENDY'S".....

NO WAY. We gave them some options, Goodwood, Panda Express, Cafe Rio, and Rumbi. I asked Callie "you remember the place we ate with Uncle J and Uncle Levi at Christmas time"? she thinks about it and exclaims "YES" I loved it there; she did love it, we had hawaiian chicken w/rice and she wanted more when we we're done, so towards the Rumbi we go, Callie saying "Rumbi, Rumbi, Rumbi" and Ethan say's 

RUMBI, RUMBI, RUMBI! That's ALL you ever say. You're giving me a HEADACHE!

OH MY GOSH, this kid is hysterical!!

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