Sunday, April 19, 2009


I couldn't believe it! I only had 5 of the 12 weeks to officially "train" for running a 5k, which I've never done before. I am in good shape, but it's something new, and a few times I thought I just couldn't "take it".

Sore calves (still)

shin splints (still)

Why am i doing this? mostly because I enjoy a challenge, and this has been one, but I was able to rise to it and did very well. I came in at 38:45, a 12:28 min mile, I kept moving the whole time and felt good, I did give myself a 15-20 second break at the top of South Temple, but I was right back to running the final mile.

I was extremely proud of myself, I thought it was going to be hard and fairly unenjoyable, but I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of my pace and the relative pleasure I got out of the weather, the people and the new running clothes that my wonderful husband bought me to be the most comfortable, which I really was; thank you honey.

I did spend the afternoon with Tylenol and Advil, but it was well worth the accomplishment that I felt in completing the task.


  1. Whoa!! Your new blog template sets off the pictures fabulously! They jump right off the page.

    Great job at the 5K. You had an AWESOME time and you RAN the whole way. I'm very proud of you. Thanks for setting an excellent example for me. It was fun to have you there even though you kicked my butt. I hope Doug was able to enjoy it despite his unfortunate delay getting back to the finish line.

  2. Way to go Catherine! I'm proud of you....not to mention you look so hot in your new running gear! I'd love to run a 5K this summer with you. Let me know if you do another one. Looks like you had a great time. I bet your muscles hurt even worse today?! I'm reminded on the run every time I get up to walk-OUCH!