Tuesday, April 7, 2009


(I'm going to need one of those fancy long distance lenses!)

Cody is a great big brother. He took Ethan with him last week to his friends house who also has a little brother, he thought Ethan would enjoy it. The little ones sleep down in Cody's room with him quite often, they will wait for him to come home from work at night and sneak downstairs with him. I was delighted to happen to walk over to the glass door and see them hand in hand, talking all the way!!

It's wonderful as a Mom to watch them love each other. Cody tells Ethan all the time "I love you" and Ethan will say "I love you" to which Cody say's "I love you more"........

I love them both; so much!

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  1. All right...that's it! I tried AGAIN to post a comment on Ethan's blog since I noticed you were using the template that you had previously on yours. No dice.

    I want you to check your settings. Go into your "Customize" area, then click on "Settings" and then "Comments" to see if you are allowing anyone to comment. Just a thought. I wouldn't think it would automatically default on the nobody option but maybe it has. Lemme know....poor lil' Ethan. I wanna comment!!