Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mopping again.....

Mopping is something I used to do everyday, along with vacuuming, I enjoyed doing it, I REALLY liked how clean those two things can make the house look when done everyday.

THEN I had Ethan.

THEN I was lucky to do it once every THREE months!

Then my very good friend, Mcafee, introduced me to this handly little appliance that you put water (distilled) in it, and it blows steam out and you just have to move the thing back and forth! I can do that!

I have really had the best time mopping again, and because it's so fun and not very time consuming, I'm back to doing it again; everyday!

If you have floors, and I KNOW you do, get yourself this handly little tool, it will save you time and can be used on any kind of floor, I have laminate.

The idea of steam is so appealing to us now, that Doug wants the next purchase to be the hand-held steam machine and get rid of all cleaning products, just steam and a paper towel.


  1. Let me know if you come across one or hear of one that is worth it's price. I've read reviews and have been reluctant to buy one.

  2. Tuesdi, I got it at a discount type store called "Big Lots" and it was $55. They are asking $70-99 for them at Walmart. I really have enjoyed it, and it's a lot less time consuming.