Friday, September 25, 2009

Intermountain Healing Hearts walk

What a fun time we had at the heart walk this year, and I'm convinced one of these years, I'm going to put together a "team" to do it, complete with t-shirts....but not this year; again. But alas, we had a good time, just me and the two little ones. The kids got t-shirts and everyone with a CHD got a special sticker on their name tag, "Heroes" they called them; so true.
Ethan made a friend who was also ETHAN, and he had a sister who had passed away, and it was strange to have this little boy telling my little boy that his sister "died from a broken heart" I don't know what goes through my little guy's head, but I do cringe a bit at the idea he may wonder about death, and where he fits into that "broken heart" distinction, but I feel it is important for us to talk about it, and for him to be a part of this group. Ethan knows he had surgery, and he knows his heart was "fixed", he's seen the hospital pictures. It is what it is.
As you can see, they had face painting, and they were both excited and adorable. Ethan's main concern is that we were going to "lose the race" and that he get a "prize", totally wrong thing to say over a loud speaker to 4yr olds, now they ALL want prizes!

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