Saturday, September 12, 2009

Turning 4-0

My Day started out GREAT! I started it bright and early with pancakes and ALL FOUR of my children. (no picture)
I was then graced with a plate of AWESOME brownies, which my good friend Mcafee baked, "don't you remember I promised you?" NOPE, but thank you!! :)
On top of it being Ethan's first official day to preschool, we went straight to Bajio's for a birthday lunch with Debbie and Christina, both whom had lunch with me there last year on my birthday Such good company, they are both very dear friends.
Later in the evening, my family showed up,my in law's included, and it was GREAT, I think it may be my BEST BIRTHDAY YET! We had food, and lot's of laughing, it was great to see my friend Shelly and her adorable baby Tucker, what a surprise!
I am a BIG fan of family. If you have one, LOVE THEM, take interest in them and appreciate them. I am one LUCKY GIRL.
Thank you to everyone who came by, called, e-mailed, texted and sent cards, you have NO IDEA how much I appreciated all of it, and was TOTALLY EXHAUSTED, like an OLD PERSON by the end of the day, I didn't even clean up the house; and THAT never happens!


  1. Happy Birthday! My hubby gets to celebrate 40 this year. I really think he is not interested! Mine is next year!

  2. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day! It was fun hanging at lunch and just talking! You look GREAT at 40! Gald you had such a fun day....you are loved!

  3. Sorry....I see a typo on comment, it should be "Glad", not "Gald"