Sunday, October 18, 2009

A perfect Sunday afternoon.......

I visited my Mother Saturday night, and found her ON A LADDER; painting the very tip top of her house, and I told her I will be back tomorrow morning and will help you finish this, as I cannot have my Mother, with a steel rod fused into her spine, up on a ladder. I went home, told Doug, and Sunday morning we returned to not only finish the job, but to find a whole lot of fun waiting in the leaves!

This morning we got up, skipped a sermon, and went and DID, and we had a wonderful time together.....


  1. I like the 'skipped a sermon' part. Makes it sound so boring. haha. I bet your mama appreciated the help. Way to appoint Doug as the one to climb the ladder.

    Love all the leaf pictures. There must be a huge tree in that front yard.

  2. I agree, that is a perfect Sunday afternoon. Fun pictures.