Sunday, October 18, 2009

The remains of a life.

My assigned paint station was just outside the garage, I had to come and go through the garage to check on Callie and Ethan. It struck me how much of Terry Dean Wright is still in the garage.......

Tools that hang on the board he hung

Bins he built for his gas piping and plumbing supplies
The whiteboard with HIS handwriting still on it!

Shelves he built for misc household stuff, some of this "stuff" has probably been there as long as they've lived there!
The collar from his dog, who went missing just months before he passed

The license plate that should be on his truck, parked next to this window
and when I came around the corner, I noticed this huge patch of sun peeking through the trees, I felt he was aware of me, and enjoying.....
Watching over two of his grandbabies...at least that's how I chose to see it..

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