Saturday, October 3, 2009

Girls day out

My sister had mentioned about a month ago that she would like to come and take Callie for a pedicure and some shopping, and last week, that's just what they did.
Callie was so excited, and irritatingly asked "WHERE is she"? when she was 20 minutes past the time I told her she was coming!
Callie spent many months in my sister's care when I went back to work when callie was four months old, my sister complained ALL THE TIME about how much maternity time I was taking; as she wanted to have her in her home as soon as possible. Callie was the first girl in our family in about 9 years by then, my brother's daughter Miranda was born in 1994 and then NO GIRLS until 2oo2, my sister was in the delivery room with me when Callie was born, and she has loved her ever since!

I was so grateful that as I would go to work, I KNEW Callie was getting JUST as much love while I was gone as if I never left her; I will alway's be forever grateful for my sister's willingness to give me the opportunity to go to work with no worries about her care. So often, when I would pick her up, she and Callie had been out doing all kinds of fun things, Brandi was enthusiastic about taking her wherever she went; spoiling and loving her.

Family. Nothing better.

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