Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A week of creativity

Once upon a time, I was a crafty little thing; ask my Mom, she'll vouch for that! Then I had a baby, then another, and another and ANOTHER...OMG, just HOW MANY DO I HAVE?? I was pleased to "feel" a bit of that creativity return as I tackled a clock that "looks" marble-like but is really just backer-board and several colors of paint, THEN for my bigger projects, I did this magnet board and flower magnets, decided I'll change my kitchen colors and theme around the little buggers. I have to say, the flowers were the more difficult of the two, which I was surprised at, I ruined TWO flowers and had to go back to the craft store to buy more, but in the end, I am so happy with the way it came out. The three "holes" at the top are for three 5x7 photos, and I'm going to take some B&W's to put in there of the kids, already have the "idea" in my head, will use my own new fancy camera and SKILLS :) I (well really Doug) am going to paint the kitchen with the same red color that I used at the top of the board, and will change some of the decorations and window vanlances, the kitchen has been the same since 1997, so it's time, and I knew as soon as I saw this project that I would change the kitchen around it. It felt really good this week to have "something" to do like this, it took me two day's on the flowers, and just a couple hours on the board itself, so between the clock and the board, I've had something to put my energy into this week, and I've loved it!

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