Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cardiology 2009

The adorable Dr. Su

Yesterday was out annual trip to PCMC for Ethan's heart check up. Ethan did GREAT, it was a longer day than usual as they substituted an echocardiogram from the usual chest x-ray and that is just a longer test, they also had two technicians call in sick, it made for a long afternoon.
Ethan was cooperative and happy for just about all of it, he did lose a bit of patience toward the end, but I think he; along with ALL of us, were just starved by the time we met with Dr. Su!
Dr.Su always remembers us, it's very comforting to me, and he ALWAYS tells me "your doing a great job"

Dr. Su feels that Ethan will most likely need the actual valve replacement in 2-5 yrs, which we knew would be the case, his first surgery "repaired" and was always a matter of time for the actual fix, so on the one hand we knew and want to get him to a more permanent solution, on the other hand I can wait for another surgery, at least while that surgery is open heart.

The saddest part of our visit was asking about Ethan's surgeon, Dr. John Hawkins, a brilliant gift from God to these children, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year, and hearing that he looks good, but is now trying to cram the rest of his life into a few short months; absolutely heartbreaking. We hope for a miracle for Dr. Hawkins.

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