Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday in the park.................

What a beautiful day it was outside! We packed up the little ones and the puppy and went to Grandmommy and Granddad's for some fun outside. Callie and Ethan ran through the park right across the street for awhile, and then to Memory Grove for creek wading! Ethan couldn't have been more designed for a day like today; he looked like a modern day Huckelberry Finn, just missing the hat, fishin' pole and straw from his mouth! Next time we plan an afternoon like that, I will go to the trouble to collect those things just for the photo-op, complete with some overalls rolled up at the legs!

It was such a pleasure to watch the kids roll, run and wade through the afternoon with their Grandparent's. Callie and Ethan ended the evening with a sleepover, to the delight of their parent's, THANK YOU Grandmommy and Granddad!!!!
(take the time to enlarge the picture, the look on Granddad's face is PRICELESS)

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