Tuesday, June 24, 2008

happy Birthday Dolly!

June 24th can only mean ONE THING.......Dolly's birthday! Callie started off her day with balloons in her room, and a pretty new dress that she had declared necessary for the day. We took her to McDonald's for breakfast and then home to get ready for school. Her classmates sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a crown with her picture on it, her teacher asked her if she knew what she might get and she told her a bike, which was correct! PINK, BARBIE and A BASKET in front; when I walked out the back door to watch her ride it for the first time she declared "I LOVE IT"!

All Callie's family came over for ice cream cones, complete with a candle in her cone. She got some cute, cute new clothes, a darling"fairy"cookbook, Hannah Montana backpack fron her big brother Cody; and Spencer delivered donuts to her class,How COOL, and a journal that she can pass around to her family to write things down in, a "full circle" journal; what a GREAT idea. 

Doug and I couldn't help but reminisce this morning before she woke up; about her birth at 6:09am six years ago. We didn't know if she was a girl or a boy and they took her immediately to a corner of the room and EVERYONE went with her, left me laying there going "what is it"? There was no "it's a........." moment when she was born and the HOOPS and HOLLARS from the corner immediately told me IT'S A GIRL!! It's a DOLLY!  And just like that; I had a daughter. 

Happy Birthday Doll. We love you.

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