Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's day!

I have wanted to get a picture of the children with ANYONE on ANY day, so to actually get everyone outside, dressed and early enough to take a picture AND be on time for church; well this was MONUMENTAL!

The kid's each gave Doug a floating, blue pond light (for the pond of course) and Callie had made a picture with "why I love my Dad" note in Kindergarten, Cody and Spencer got up, out of the tent they were sleeping in and made breakfast for Daddy Doug, which was their own doing, and very nice (thank you big boy's).

Doug's parent's came over for dinner, Doug grilled kabob's and hamburgers and grilled pineapple, YUMMY! We had a nice visit and watched the kids jump on the trampoline and then had ice cream cones with Kim and her family.

Happy Father's Day to Doug, Chester, Mike Sr and Papa, I love you all!


  1. What do you mean everyone?? Where are YOU??? Well, even though you are picture taker, the family picture is very nice. I think you will have to make another attempt soon to get one will all of you in it. I will even volunteer to take the picture if you can't figure out the timer on the camera.

  2. I didn't realize you had a blog too!! Found it on Jenn's. I'll add you to my list so I can keep up on what your family is doing!! I'm so excited that so many people are doing this because now I am starting to recognize faces of your kids and hopefully I will also be able to names to the faces.