Sunday, June 29, 2008

Callie's birthday; part deux!

That's right, TWO PARTIES. Sigh. she wanted her freinds to be able to come over; so we threw a "pedicure party" with hot dog, drinks and cupcakes. The girls watched High School Musical pt.2 while they soaked thier feet and got them painted, complete with rhinestones on the big toe!
Callie got a whole new bunch of gifts; dress, Hannah Montana doll, art center, and other assorted Polly Pocket type toys, Daddy and I gave her a pair of Barbie sunglasses to wear with her Barbie bike and to the pool, it was only fair since Ethan got a pair of Diego sunglasses! Ethan unleashed is brand of STINK all over by CRYING over EVERYTHING he could think of; not his birthday, no cupcakes when he wanted, no presents.....you get the picture, poor thing. She had a great time. After the party Daddy took her and E-man to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda, AND Wall-E, where she complained that she wanted to go home, even though that was the movie SHE wanted to see!!!

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  1. This little girl has a lot of friends! How fun.