Saturday, July 17, 2010

Picture perfect bride

I am particularly proud of these, as I had nerves WORSE than the engagements! I told Doug on the way there "I'm not sure about this"... he said "what do you mean"?...


.."You'll do GREAT"

I was hoping something really good happened between where we were and where we were going, because I was about as nervous as I could get, these are someone's BRIDAL pictures, "someone" who's family I adore, and I don't want to mess it up... but something GREAT happened; MAGIC, and you see the results.

Hannah is a beautiful girl, she looked amazing, the setting was charming and my equipement was more than adequate, but I am still very unsure working the camera, in fact I feel as if I can't really do the technical stuff behind the lens, and be creative about what's in front of me quite yet, it's two different dimensions still, and I hope there is a mesh soon, but Doug was more than happy to come along and get me rolling, and have a few ideas of his own, luckily we have always been a somewhat creative and talented team, so as you see, my worries were unfounded, and I managed to play the part, once again, as a "photographer"

..More to follow. Stay tuned....

** We ran smack into Aunti A-shell while we were there, she followed along and it was SO very nice to see her!


  1. WOW! The pictures are beautiful! Nice job, Catherine!! I bet Hannah and her mom are pleased. It was so fun running into you there and seeing you in action. I love seeing the new pictures like the red cowboy boots and others. They are so fun. You are on your way to the big time. :)

  2. AHHHH MAZING! I love them, yes she is a picture perfect bride! I love the cowboy boot pictures too...along with all the others. You did GREAT!