Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A doll and a dress...

Grammie helping Callie put her dress on....


Waiting for her to put on afterwards..

Her new black shoes

Eight years ago, my Mother made Callie's blessing dress, it was only fitting that she would produce the sweetest little pink dress for her Baptism, it has little pink flowers on a very pale pink fabric, then as I was uploading these pictures, my mind wandered to the flowers that I picked for her blessing dress, and I was compelled to go pull the dress out and see the resemblence, as I was digging for THAT, I came across the little layette set that Grandmommy bought her on the day she was born, Cody and Spencer in tow to pick out something special for their new sister to wear home, very pale pink with little pink roses.....

This little girl has had some pretty special clothing in her eight years, and each of them has been at the offering of a GRAND-mother who loved her; what a lucky little lady!

All three dresses

Her blessing dress

The layette that she got on the day she was born

Her Baptism dress

It was fun to pull these dresses out and put them together, of course Callie wanted to know why I was getting "all this stuff out" and then she had a great time showing it to her BFF Rachel, I showed her the layette, still in the box it was given to me in, in the hospital; told her about her brother's and Grandmommy going to the store right after she was born to get it, and that I was saving them all, she said "because we pass it down"?... exactly. One day I will give it to you for your daughter.. now that's a legacy.

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