Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hannah edits


  1. IMPRESSED!!!! She is one lucky bride to have you as her photographer! Way to go Catherine. When is the big day?

  2. Is the PINK CAT in the corner of the pics your signature logo??? If so....I LOVE IT!!! So original and clever!!

    Great job on the photos once again. Should I call Annie Leibovitz and tell her you're putting her out of business?

  3. Oh, you two flatterers!! She is a lovely girl, beautiful.. I had a real good time taking them! The big day is next Thursday, 2pm-prob 9pm.. it will be a long day, and I will both be sad/happy to see it over, it's been a very good learning experience.. yes Duch, you better call and tell 'em I'm on the loose!! Oh! Yes, that is my "logo" my Brother did it.. "Cat Photographer" cool hu!?