Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello Dolly!

When Callie was little, maybe about a year, I would come into her room and sing "Hello Dolly, I said HELLO DOLLY, it's good to see you again. You're lookin' swell DOLLY".........you get the point. I am so very fond of musicals, and it was pretty natural to sing this to her.

I was SO excited to see "Hello Dolly" in the Hale Center Theater line up for this year, and I knew that would be her birthday present from us. We went Friday to the 4pm show and it was FABULOUS! Callie thoroughly enjoyed herself.

After the play the ensemble was in the foyer greeting and shaking hands, and I took callie up to Dolly and Mr.Vandergelder and said "this is MY dolly's first musical" to which she said "what is her name?" I said "Callie" she then say's "you call her DOLLY?... I LOVE IT!"

This has been a GREAT year for me and musical's at Hale. I saw "Into the woods" TWICE. Once with my Mother and then with my big boy's, and now "Dolly" with dolly. I promised Ethan (who was too young to go this year) that we would absolutely go for his birthday.

Like how I found a way to "share" in the presents!!!???

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  1. What a fun night for you and Dolly! Happy 7th Birthday to her! She's adorable!