Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can you believe it!?

If you can believe it, someone came into MY YARD and STOLE ONE OF MY LADYBUG'S!
(What's worse? I probably haven't really noticed for at least a week!)

I got the cutest magazine last year from my Mother in law with these cute little garden ladybugs, which are bowling balls. I called the DI by my home and got three of them, knew exactly where I wanted to put them (of course strategically thought out) and now I have only TWO!

Funny story. Yesterday we drove past a house just to the South/East of us and I happened to notice a ladybug in a flower garden, I said to Doug "wow, someone else has ladybugs in their garden"........when I realized tonight that I was missing one, I said to Doug "OMG, I saw that ladybug in that yard yesterday" and off we go, kids in tow to get my dog-on ladybug back! We pull up to the yard and I get out and go up the driveway only to realize it was not mine..... so much for "operation retrieve ladybug"!

The kids were so funny all the way there, "when we find THAT GUY, we're gonna KICK HIS BUTT"......only a "bad guy" would do such a terribly RUDE thing!

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  1. Looking at the past couple of blog entries put a smile on my face. I don't know what my problem is, but I am in a sour mood tonight. Thanks for always being so funny in your writing. I enjoy reading your daily adventures. It looks like changing to the new blog template fixed your issues?