Friday, August 14, 2009

Callie's first day of 2nd grade

Our pretty little Doll started 2nd grade at the end of July. This is our first year with A track, so she only had a little over a month of "summer" but it has turned out fine. Her teacher is Mrs. Rushton, who Cody had as a 2nd grader, so it was nice to have her be so enthusiastic about another one of "my children" :)

Callie is one smart girl, and pretty too; as you can clearly see. She is doing great in 2nd grade, her only complaint is that now that 20 min reading assignment is a DAILY requirement and counts toward her grade :(

We are having fun watching this pretty girl grow and change.

Callie got a sewing machine for her birthday from Grandmommy, and they made her dress she has on, (or really Grandmommy did most, but she helped)

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