Friday, August 14, 2009

Eat at Joe's Cafe

Joe is the Daddy of Callie's very best friend Raja, And he has opened a cafe in Orem, It is across the street from the mall, just kiddie corner from the Macy's, that is the NW corner. It is right on State Street and Joe cook's everything himself.

Joes is the NICEST, HAPPIEST, MOST OUTGOING, POSITIVE person I think I have EVER MET. SERIOUSLY. Please go see Joe, and since I'm not afraid of him, tell him I said YOU CAN HAVE A DISCOUNT!!!!

Our family went and had breakfast a couple weeks ago, we then went over to the mall and the two girl's walked through the mall handing out business card's and saying "eat at Joe's Cafe" it was way cute, we had Raja's little sister Cameron, who is only 2 and Ethan, and they all got into it, going into shops and handing someone a card. It was funny to watch and Joe said he has gotten some customer's who say they knew about him from their efforts. I was sure to include discounts to all those people too!!

Please. Go EAT AT JOE'S.

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