Saturday, March 21, 2009

U of U gymnastics meet

Callie's school gave out coupons for free entry to the last home gymnastics meet; it was also two of the senior's last permormances at Rice-Eccles, she was SO excited, so fo course we went.

We had such a good time. Faux picture with the team, crown making, balloons and hot dog's, cokes and ice cream! The gymnasts we're so much fun to watch, reminded me of my own gymnastics day's, Callie thought it was "so cool".

Both little one's we're very interested and had fun the entire time, we ran into our good friend Debbie with her daughter Shay and two friends. It was my first gymnastics meet since one of my own, I think we will try to attend another one next year, it was a BLAST!


  1. Yeah, next year invite ME to come! I didn't make it to one this year but they are always enjoyable. The girls were ranked #1 this year. Go Utes!

  2. ABSOLUTELY we will invite you...We could have taken you with us, didn't know you we're a fan!!