Monday, March 30, 2009

I had a sick Dolly

in the tub after at least TEN bloody noses. 1am!!!
Finally asleep
Latte kept her company a lot
asking her Daddy if the needle is going to hurt

...she made it!

Callie got VERY sick three weeks ago, started like a normal cold, fever, stuffy nose, coughing, chilled and achy; but did not get better after three day's, then four day's, then five, by the night of the fifth night, I was past concerned, she had a few bloody noses earlier in the day and we spent the evening getting the bleeding to stop, which scared her to death, "Mommy, I'm scared" she kept saying, at one point saying "this is HORRIFYING"; which made us both laugh and made Callie VERY upset! We would no sooner get the bleeding to stop when she would cough and here we go again.........

This went on for two hours. FINALLY, she fell asleep propped up on a pillow. I had intended to stay on the couch through the night, but her brother offered to stay there with her and I must admit, I am too old to be sleeping on the couch, or worse; the FLOOR! So I told him if she started coughing to watch it and if she started bleeding to call for me; off to bed I went (after midnight). I no sooner made it to the bathroom to change when I could hear her start to cough...wait...wait...coughing harder, now I'm headed back down the stairs, round the corner and there she is, blood all over her hands and face and poor Hopper in the BATHROOM!

The commotion woke Doug up, who has to work at 4am, and I sent him to the store to try to find something that would help put her to sleep and some orange juice. I got her in the tub, cleaned her up and when her Daddy got back we gave her some night time cold medicine just for the "knocked out" factor. She fell asleep on our floor and slept the rest of the night (by now it's 2am!)

Callie went to the Dr. Saturday morning and he felt that since she had been sick six day's, and not gotten better that she should head up to PCMC and have blood drawn for a white cell count, and possibly a chest X-ray depending on what the blood said. Little trooper that she is, she handled it beautifully.

Turns out she had inFLUenza, the "real deal" and we we're sent home to keep her comfortable and if she didn't feel MUCH better on Monday, we we're to take her back in.

She felt much better Sunday, but we stayed home from church anyway and then went to Auntie Michele's for dinner. She had made a full recovery by Monday, and didn't want to miss one more day of school, she was pretty SICK of being SICK!!


  1. Poor thing. I am glad she is feeling better.

  2. What an awful week for her and you 2! I'm glad she's feeling better. It's time to have some fun!

  3. Poor baby. It breaks my heart that the ordeal began to scare her! I'm so glad she is doing better.