Friday, March 20, 2009

How strange??????

I cannot get the story of Natsha Richardson out of my brain; the one that suffered it's own injury in January.

This story has really gotten to me. I can't help but shudder at the thought that I never even gave it ONE SINGLE THOUGHT the night I fell, that I could have hurt myself badly enough that I could fall asleep and never wake up? It NEVER dawned on me; AT ALL, that I might need to have Doug check on me periodically (which I really should have done) or that the upset stomach and "loopiness" I started feeling within AN HOUR; may have been something potentially deadly, I felt ok afterward, I was talking and moving around, I had a headache, and my head was so tender to the touch, but I absolutely should have been more concerned with my symptoms. I can tell you I will NEVER look at a bonk to the noggin the same way again, I would have felt this way without such a story, but now, really understanding the consequences that come to some, I would absolutely have handled it much, MUCH differently.

I have considered, since this story came out, this woman who is not much older than me, with two boy's my own boys' ages, that I am extremely lucky that my fall was at the wrong angle, the wrong place, the wrong force apparantly, that I am here typing, LIVING my life, while she is not.

I am very grateful tonight that my own family isn't saying "yeah, that happened to us, she just fell"

GOD is good. I am grateful; and lucky. I am aquainted with sudden death, and it SUCKS. My heart just breaks for that poor family.

Life is fragile.

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